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Assisted Recovery Centres of Africa offer the latest medications to minimize withdrawal symptoms and control cravings as you enter recovery.


ARCA Durban provides an exclusive rehab treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction. The only one clinic in South Africa that offers a Rehabilitation Detox Medical Treatment Program. We offer a superior, evidence-based, and medically cutting-edge approach to the treatment of addiction. If you have been frustrated by repeated failures at rehab recovery; unaware that there are proven anti-craving medications that can significantly improve treatment outcomes, give us a confidential call to learn more about ARCA Durban’s rehab program. ARCA Durban is fully licenced and registered with the Department of Social Development and Department of Health.

fully licenced

The licence covers in-patient Detoxification and in-patient care. Medical Aid covers ARCA Durban’s drug rehabilitation and alcohol rehabilitation. The medical treatment programs are affordable and can be designed to suit individual needs without comprising the quality of the program.

Medical Aid Approved

Addiction Is A Disease

Addiction is a disease…That’s why Arca’s new approach makes sense. Superior medical detox followed by non-addictive, anti-craving medications which reduce the cravings.

You haven’t tried everything until you’ve tried Arca.

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ARCA Durban’s Solution to Drug Addictions

ARCA Durban was featured on Carte Blanche showing how effective the exclusive medical treatment is for two addicts. After watching the video clip above, you can see from the outcome that Assisted Recovery Centre Africa can help get your life back.

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Please call us today to get your life back for good: 031 261 5515 or 078 27 22 911 (24Hrs). Alternatively, please complete the form below and a member of the team will be in contact.

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ARCA Durban also treat gambling addiction as gamblers can have a problem, however, without being totally out of control. Problem gambling is any gambling behavior that disrupts your life.If you’re preoccupied with gambling, spending more and more time and money on it, chasing losses, or gambling despite serious consequences, you have a gambling problem so we advise you contact ARCA Durban.

It’s more than a 12-Step Rehab Program

Alcohol and substance abuse damage the brain’s pleasure system, producing the overwhelming cravings of addiction. This chemical imbalance can be corrected with medication. Unlike older alternatives, these treatments are non-mood altering, non-addictive and have few side effects. Most patients take anti-craving medications for three to six months and continue counseling for up to one year. Freed from physical discomforts, you can focus on relapse-prevention counseling and long-term recovery. Best of all, you can undertake this rehab treatment on an outpatient basis.These programs have helped many people toward recovery, but they aren’t for everyone.

We understand that recovery is a long-term process with high points and low points along the way. ARCA Durban offers safe, proven anti-craving medications combined with relapse-prevention therapy to address the neurochemical, biological, social, and psychological aspects of drug and alcohol addiction. With this new approach, people who have struggled for years with chemical, alcohol, opioid drug dependencies are finally achieving their dream of sobriety.

The inability of society to offer remedies for people effected with addictive disorders often was translated into condemnation and stigma, which even to this day continues to be practiced in some form or the other. The stigma associated with the disease and the desperate search for help by the victims of the disease created a situation that led well-meaning scientists, physicians, clergymen and yes, even quacks and charlatans to offer remedies and cures that did more harm than good; – rightly observed, no group of people has been more exploited than alcoholics.

Medical detoxification is done on site at the alcohol rehab centers by a full medical team compromising of doctors and nursing staff with 24 hour supervision. Assisted Recovery Centres of Africa is here to help you get your life back for good so if you are ready for assistance, please call ARCA Durban’s 24-Hour Help Line 078 27 22 911 for a confidential consultation.


Drug Addiction Rehabilitation

Addictive disorders, which include alcoholism, are as ancient as human existence. The effects of intoxication and hallucinogenic experience have filled mankind with a mixture of fear and fascination. The ability to dissociate from the normal to a state of ‘being outside the body’ has irresistibly drawn human beings to experiment with a cacophony of foods and drugs to achieve a state that is hard to describe. The ARCA Medical Detox rehab treatment is pain free, comfortable and eliminate cravings from substance abuse.